37th Exhibition at Kameoka city

Day:September 12nd(Sat.) to 22nd(Tue.), 2020.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

15th Exhibition of Lake Biwa

Place:Nishiasai gymnasium

33rd Exhibition

Days:January 18th(Sat.) and 19th(Sun.), 2020.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

36th Exhibition at Kameoka city

Day:September 14th(Sat.) to 23rd(Mon.), 2019.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

71st MAINICHI Exhibition

Day:Augast 14th(Wed.) to 18th(Sun.), 2019.
Place:MyDome OSAKA

32nd Exhibition

Days:January 19th(Sat.) and 20th(Sun.), 2019.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

35th Exhibition at Kameoka city

Day:September 15th(Sat.) to 24th(Mon.), 2018.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

70th MAINICHI Exhibition

Day:Augast 15th(Wed.) to 19th(Sun.), 2018.
Place:MyDome OSAKA

31st Exhibition

Days:January 13th(Sat.) and 14th(Sun.), 2018.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

34th Exhibition at Kameoka city

Day:September 9th(Sat.) to 18th(Mon.), 2017.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

69th MAINICHI Exhibition

Day:Augast 16th(Wed.) to 20th(Sun.), 2017.
Place:MyDome OSAKA

 JITEN Night

Day:At once of Saturday of every month.
Place:Shishin SAMURAI Cafe&Bar

Omiya Good Festival 2017

Days:May 4th(Tue.), 2017.
Place:Takenobu Inari Temple

30th Exhibition

Days:January 14th(Sat.) and 15th(Sun.), 2017.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

33th Exhibition at Kameoka city

Day:September 10th(Sat.) to 19th(Mon.), 2016.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

47th Exhibition at Oumi Jingu Shrine

Day:Augast 28th(Sun.), 2016.
Place:Oumi Jingu Shrine

68th MAINICHI Exhibition

Day:Augast 3rd(Wed.) to 7th(Sun.), 2016.
Place:Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and Miyakomesse

29th Exhibition

Days:January 16th(Sat.) and 17th(Sun.), 2016.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA


Day:September 4th(Fri.) to 7th(Mon.), 2015.
Place:Via Delle Erbe in MILANO

28th Exhibition

Days:January 17th(Sat.) and 18th(Sun.), 2015.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

2nd Cultural festival in Shishin

Day:January 10th(Sat.), 2015.
Place:Shishin SAMURAI Cafe&Bar

Communication festival

Day:October 18th(Sat.), 2014.
Place:Kyoto yamashiro park
Won the golden prize.

27th Exhibition

Days:January 18th(Sat.) and 19th(Sun.), 2014.
Place:Kameoka hall

Personal exhibision -Space of SUMI-

Day:July 13th(Sun.), 2013.
Place:Shishin SAMURAI Cafe&Bar

Exhibition of Kyoto

Days:June 4th(Tue.) to 9th(Sun.), 2013.
Place:Gallery Kato and Gallery Yamashita

1st Cultural festival in Shishin

Day:January 20th(Sun.), 2013.
Place:Shishin SAMURAI Cafe&Bar

29th Art exhibition of Kameoka city

Days:September 8th(Sat.) to 17th(Mon.), 2012.
Place:Galleria KAMEOKA

100 Artist Exhibition Black&White

Days:June 7th(Thu.) to 30th(Sat.), 2012.
Place:Ouchi Gallery in New York

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